Gaia Carbon Finance

Gaia Carbon Finance is the first domestic carbon finance trading and consulting company based in Istanbul, Turkey. The increasing volume in voluntary carbon market since 2006 generated a vast opportunity for the carbon financing of projects in Turkey. Gaia is the bridge between the project developers and the VER buyers, providing carbon finance opportunities to all parties in the challenging environment of multifarious and rapidly evolving carbon market. Taking an innovative role in the market, Gaia developed the first VCS 2007 hydro power project in the world. With more than fifty projects in the pipeline, Gaia has developed prominent in-house capacity for carbon asset developing by implementing various methodologies and standards such as Gold Standard and VCS. Having taken in the marketing and sales transaction of VERs to various voluntary buyers, Gaia able to provide her clients with technical support and legal counselling. Gaia extended her activities to other technologies and fields including biomass-biogas, landfill and most recently industrial efficiency.

Gaia in CANCUN (COP 16)

The Conference of the Parties ( COP 16 )by UNFCCC convened between 29 November- 10 December 2010 in Cancun-Mexico ,Gaia attended to  the conference on behalf of the Turkish private sector.

Gaia helped Petkim with Footprint Calculation
Petkim Ayak izi     

Petkim, Turkey’ s largest petrochemistry producer, responded to CDP Survey last year. Gaia, providing Petkim guidance throughout the process of  answering CDP’s quite complicated survey, has also calculated Petkim’s footprint using Our Impacts.


Erdemir’s Energy Efficiency Projects

Turkey’s largest iron and steel producer, Erdemir came to agreement with Gaia for the assessment of the implementation of energy efficiency projects in the facilities located in Eregli.

Cimentas RDF Preparation and Emission
Ayak iziniz Ölçelim     

Gaia To Consult Cimentas for RDF Preparation and Emission Reduction Validation, Removal of most industrial wastes is unfortunately a mystery  in Turkey.                   

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